5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

 5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for year-round weight loss

I’ve been trying to loose weight off and on for the last few, OK several, years. Honestly, it isn’t easy.

Since weight loss can be a real challenge, here are some healthy weight loss tips for keeping you {and me} on track with your weight-loss journey.

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Use the Buddy System:

No one should have to go it alone. Having a weight loss partner may not be right for everyone, but having someone in your corner to cheer you on and help you keep on track is a huge benefit, whether they are on the journey with you or watching from the sidelines. You can choose a friend, spouse, partner, relative, or co-worker, just be sure they are on your side.

The buddy system not only helps with encouragement when we feel like giving up, it also helps us with accountability. Chat with each other once a week – either in person, by phone, email or messaging – and give an update of your weekly progress. Then, decide on a few goals for the next week. You’d be surprised at how well you’ll do when you don’t want to let your ‘buddy’ down.

Not only is weight loss much easier when you have a buddy, it’s more fun that way!

Set Goals:

Every good plan involves goals. Setting them, however, can be tricky. You want to give yourself a challenge, but you also need to be realistic. If you haven’t exercised in 3 years, your goal shouldn’t be to run 6 miles a day every day of the week. Or even for three days a week, for that matter. It’s OK to start off slow. If you find they’re too easy, you can always adjust them. They key is to set goals that are challenging, yet attainable. Meeting your goals for one week 1 will get you excited about week 2.

These daily and weekly goal sheets are a great place to start.

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Snack Wisely:

Snacking can get out of hand a ruin your eating for the day. Try these tips to help maximize your snacking:

  1. Keep cut-up fruits and veggies in the fridge for when you need something fast
  2. If you expect to be in the car for more than an hour, take an snack bar with you in case you get hungry. Snack or meal replacement bars work great for this, just make sure the one you chose has at least 15-20 grams of protein, it will help you stay satisfied longer
  3. When you can, try to put snacks on a plate or in a bowl. You’re more likely to overeat snacking right out of the bag
  4. Drink plenty of water. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger
  5. Try going for a walk. Study shows that a brisk 15-min walk can curb sweet tooth cravings
  6. Eat slowly, it gives your body time to process snacks and helps keep you from overeating
  7. Choose variety. Having a broad range of fruit, veggies, nuts and grains can keep you from getting board with healthy options

 Track Your Progress:

Sometimes it isn’t easy to see the ‘big picture’. A rough day or week can quickly make you forget the progress you’ve made. Keeping track of your accomplishments is vital, you need to know how you’re doing. There are many ways to do this. Try keeping a journal, writing things on a calendar, or even try this fun weight loss tracker. Either way, keeping track gives you a reality check on how well you are {or aren’t} doing.


Reward Yourself:

Ultimately, your reward is a healthier, more confident, smaller you. But little rewards along the way can have a positive impact as well. Earlier, we talked about setting weekly goals. You can easily use those as reward goals, or try setting specific ones. For instance, you want to run a mile in under 5 min. Decide in advance what your reward will be once you hit that goal. But, just like weekly goals, don’t make them too hard or too easy.

Rewards should be small, and not involve food. If you hit a weight loss goal, your reward can be a new blouse or pair of jeans. Meeting a friend for coffee, getting a massage or a facial are also fun rewards. Do something to celebrate you and your accomplishment.


What are your healthy weight loss tips?


  1. says

    I love the slim fast bars. I eat the meal bars for dinner & they’re awesome too. I recommend the cookie dough, yum!

    • Rachel says

      Boy, you aren’t kidding, Heather! Maybe these tips will help us both 🙂

  2. says

    Wow these are great and I need something to make it easy for me, I’m just to busy to pay attention to ME sometimes! I’m so glad slimfast is making products other than shakes now.

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