Turkey, Ham & Cheddar Sandwich Skewers


sandwich skewers - turkey, ham & cheddar


I’ve been making my kids’ lunches for quite a few years now. Can I just tell you, it isn’t always easy? In fact, sometimes it’s hard. Really hard. My daughter can be quite picky, and finding things to put in her lunch is challenging.

Since the foods she’ll eat are limited in variety, she gets bored with them easily. Making foods fun can help with that. The same turkey sandwich can be a lot more fun to eat if it’s made a little differently.

Sandwich skewers are easy to make, and help mix things up a bit {even if she really is still eating the same thing.}

Using a small round cookie cutter, I cut out two slices each of bread & turkey, one slice of ham and one slice of cheddar cheese for each sandwich. Once I had them assembled, I poked a wooden skewer through them. Next, I simply cut the sharp end off {we don’t want anyone getting stabbed!}. That’s pretty much it.

I paired the skewer with delicious baby carrots from Cal-Organic Farms. I love that they’re already peeled and cleaned, ready to eat. Plus, they’re certified organic, so I know she’s getting something healthy.

Nuts are a great source of protein, which helps to keep you fuller, longer. Did you know that just eight almonds have the same amount of protein as a 1/4 lb burger patty?
And of course I had to through in some chips. What’s a sandwich without them?


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    I love this idea! My kids and nephews love anything on a stick. 🙂 This would definitely be a hit!

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    Adorable!! What kid wouldn’t love to open their lunch sacks to find these!!! Sandwiches can be so boring, this is a perfect way to make them exciting!

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    Agggh! My daughter is picky, also! I do love this idea (she does like turkey & cheese). Plus, I think this creative idea will make it less boring for me, too.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Rachel this is genius!! I’m totally pinning this! I need help now that Gavin is going to be taking lunches!

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    How cute! What a creative way to make a sandwich more fun! 🙂

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