Gold Glitter Dipped Peanut Butter Oreos

Ever spend a good amount of time making a fancy dessert for a special occasion, only to have the kids take one bite and chuck the rest? Sometimes kids just want a cookie, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fancy cookie, and it doesn’t have to complicated, either. Try these Gold Glitter Dipped Peanut Butter Oreos on for size.

Gold Glitter Dipped Peanut Butter Oreos - {i love} my disorganized life

So easy & simple, they’re made with a cookie no kid {and most adults} can resist, dipped in white melting chocolate and then sprinkled with gold glitter sprinkles. Hello, who doesn’t love glitter?! It’s seriously the best way I know how to turn something plain into something spectacular!

Make them. Your kids will thank you for it. Mine did.


Yields 12-16

Gold Glitter Dipped Peanut Butter Oreos

35 minPrep Time

10 minCook Time

45 minTotal Time

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  • 1 package Peanut Butter Oreo cookies
  • 1 package white melting chocolate
  • Gold glitter sprinkles {use liberally!}
  • Wax/parchment paper


  1. Melt chocolate according to package directions
  2. Dip cookies, one at a time, into chocolate, covering half of the cookie
  3. Set cookie on parchment paper, sprinkle with as much or as little gold glitter sprinkles as you like
  4. Repeat; let cookies set up, about 30-ish minutes
  5. Eat!
Recipe Type: Dessert



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  1. says

    I must admit – it’s a fabulous idea!
    Sooooooo easy-to-make, and I’ll bet soooooooo delicious

    • says

      Thanks Winnie, they were pretty awesome!

    • says

      Thanks Tammy!

  2. says

    Where have I’ve been??? These Oreos look delicious. Can’t wait to make them.


    • Rachel says

      LOL! Super easy to make, but super festive and fun at the same time!

    • Rachel says

      Thank you Becca! So simple, but the glitter adds so much fun!

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