Spicy Homemade Salsa Recipe

Spicy Homemade Salsa #salsa

This Spicy Homemade Salsa recipe is the perfect ‘kick’ for your chips, tacos, burritos and more!

About 12 years ago, we lived in a little town about 45 minutes northeast of where we live now. I worked as a waitress at a small, family owned Mexican restaurant. They made some of the best Mexican food I’d had, and it was certainly better than the other place in town.

I never managed to learn how to make some of the dishes I’d wanted to, like the green chili or enchilada sauce, but I did manage to walk away with a spicy homemade salsa recipe.

Initially, I had written it down, but as the years have gone by, it’s gotten misplaced in the shuffle. I still make it from time to time, since it’s embedded in my memory.

Spicy Homemade Salsa recipe

It tastes fabulous on tacos and burritos, but I think my favorite way to eat salsa is with chips and guacamole. I could seriously live on the stuff.

The fact that there’s not a ton of work involved is a bonus. I can have it made and ready to eat in about 15 minutes, not counting the time it takes to taste test. I mean, you’ve got to taste test, right?

Yields 10-12

Spicy Homemade Salsa Recipe

This Spicy Homemade Salsa recipe is the perfect 'kick' for your chips, tacos, burritos and more!

15 minPrep Time

15 minTotal Time

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  • 1 - 29 oz can whole stewed tomatoes
  • 1/2 medium onion
  • 3 cloves of fresh garlic, peeled
  • Small handful of cilantro, bottom stems cut off {the handful should more or less fit into a 1 C measuring cup when 'rolled up'. Sorry, I just don't usually measure it}
  • 8 whole chili tepins {they look like tiny red balls and can be found in the Mexican spice section of your grocery store}
  • 1 1/4 tsp salt


  1. Add all ingredients to blender in order listed
  2. Blend until combined and smooth
  3. Taste test for complete satisfaction
Cuisine: Mexican | Recipe Type: Appetizer


I encourage taste-testing. That way you can determine if you've got enough salt and cilantro, those seem to be the two things people either like a lot or a little of



Spicy Homemade Salsa recipe- perfect for chips, tacos, burritos and more! Easy to make!

Spicy Homemade Salsa- the perfect 'kick' for your chips, tacos, burritos and more!


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    Yum! I love salsa. I think it’s time for a taco night this weekend. Yummy! I love all types of Mexican food but I absolutely live salsa!

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    Great recipe. I so much love salsa. I usualy put it on my thai dishes.

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